‘All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother’ (Abraham Lincoln)

Mum … mummy … mammy … ma … mama … mom …


So this is my first blog … and while wondering what to write about, I thought about Who Am I as a business … my tag line says “Wedding & Event Florist, Cut Flower Garden”, so I’m going to chat about an Event …. it’s the next big one in the floristry calendar … Mother’s Day … after all we all have a mum.


Mother’s Day … a time for celebrating those special mums (whether they be our birth, adopted, step or special person in our lives mums) … we give thanks for all they taught us, helped us with, supported us through, that total unconditional mother’s love.

A florist at Mother’s Day sees every emotion such a celebrated day brings …

from the small kids coming in with their pocket money and choosing that colourful bunch of tulips, to the orders saying ‘sorry I can’t be there on Sunday’ to  ‘miss you and wish you were here’ tributes … that favourite verse, song, colour … all important memories being made and remembered..  its more than just a bunch of flowers.


I lost my mum 20 years past and it’s especially at times like these that I sit and think of all that she gave… her love, her sacrifice, her time, her knowledge, her patience and so so much more.


My mum loved flowers … my middle name is Rose … she loved scented flowers ….

So this Mother’s Day, after all the orders for other special angel mums have been collected, I’ll place a posy of spring flowers, together with some scented freesia and a wee rose from me and say yet again … Thank you for being the best mummy in the world xx

How I wish she was still my earth mummy … even for a day
 but thanks mum for all you taught me, the love, laughter and special times we shared
 … a very special wee mummy xxx

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